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Convention Takeaways, on the RIGHT path forward

Saturday’s Utah GOP state convention was held in downtown Salt Lake City Utah in front of almost 8000 participants in attendance and 3900 state delegates for the Republican Party. Yesterday was an amazing event however it was almost 16 hours long and for candidates almost 18 hours long, which by far while yet amazing was too drawn out, exhausting, and overall dysfunctional chaos when it came to voting and the long waits between different races and rounds. 

However on the candidate side even though I fell short to the incumbent for the National RNC Committeeman seat after withdrawing from CD2 the night before helping Colby Jenkins add to his vote total, I have been encouraged by mostly all candidates who participated in yesterday’s event that I am on the right track and to keep going. Most of them gave me constructive criticism, insider thoughts, and tools on how to work things better so that I can come out victorious the next time I make a run for public office. And these weren’t just everyday ordinary people either, they were everything from a current US Sen., incumbent House of Representatives, mostly all challenger candidates in various races, a few mayors and candidate for mayor in Utah’s largest county of Salt Lake County, and party leadership’s from both state and individual counties. All this feedback was absolute win-win. Most have heard me speak at the state convention as I ran for national RNC committeeman, but a lot have heard my name and knew who I was due to me running for U.S. Congress district 2 and have seen other recorded events during the process. To put it lightly I loved all the encouragement and the honesty that I am on the correct path to elected public life in the future. I truly got a sense of belonging and acceptance into the public life spear and in the GOP.

After my speech I had hundreds of delegates come up to me with that same encouragement from counties both large and small also confirming that yes I do have a place not only in the party as a future elected official and that again I an on the correct path. All the doubts that I have had during this journey in 2024 have been now laid to rest. I know my shortcomings, learned and still learning from my mistakes, resetting – retooling – reconfiguring things like raising proper funding, how to get over the anxiety of public speaking, and help better to work the room. But the best advice I got from multiple people was to get my message out early and heavy & do not let my foot off the gas for one second like I did this year.

For now I’m going to not take a break and sit back and relax, but my goal right now is to help those who won nomination, and those who are still in the process via signature gathering so that they can have the best shot at nomination for the June 25, 2024 primary and the general in November to be victorious.

As far as future roles are concerned at least for this year like I have previously stated is to not only help those candidates with my personal company and platform with Raw and Real Politics plus here on JensenforUtah.com  which most have agreed to appear on and I’m looking forward to that, but I will also be applying to join in some capacity on some elected members staffs at the state level if they are elected in June.

On my long 2-1/2 hour drive home however I have decided that I will look into being a candidate on these levels if the conditions are right, but I will not be returning to the Utah’s 2nd Congressional race in my lifetime or a race here in central Utah like House 70 or State Senate 27. My time has come to move on and away from this area in the next year or two if not a lot sooner.


2025 or 2027:
State GOP Chair or Vice Chair

State House
State Senate


Utah Governor (if Cox wins in ’24)

State House
State Senate
U.S. House 3 or 4
U.S Senate
National RNC Committeeman

Ty Jensen is here to stay, I know now that I truly belong, have to tools and the knowledge of what to do to accomplish those goals…….until then, you can catch me right here fighting for Utah as a political influencer & political media insider personality. I’m looking forward with positivity to all future endeavors! 


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