2nd Amendment

As a citizen, a man, and a family man I solely swear to protect our beautiful Second Amendment. Our second amendment is the only thing that keeps our Constitution in tact and prevents us from losing all other rights and liberties

Abortion (Pro Life and Pro Choice)

When it comes to the issue of abortion I believe the Supreme Court did the right thing by sending the issue back to the individual states and letting our direct legislative bodies who represent us at the state level make those decisions off of our votes and wishes. I am all against abortion unless it comes to three and only three areas, which are (rape, incect, and health of the mother and or child)! If a bill that contains this on a federal level I will vote NO! 

As far as the pro-choice issue side, I believe in preventative measures only. IUD’s , condoms, morning after, and oral birth control, otherwise absolutely NO child death!


I want to protect our agriculture for food cultivation and growth. One thing in Congress that I want to pass is grounding greenhouse facilities around rural Utah that can easily be distributed to the rural communities plus urban and suburban areas. I will pass a bill in Congress to make sure that this becomes reality

Big Tech Censorship (Publisher or Platform)

I want to work with the Trump administration and create a digital bill of rights so that tech and social media companies can no longer silence, downgrade, or censor the people of the United States from our constitutional first amendment to the freedom of speech.

Clean Energy and Air

Especially along the Wasatch front clean air is a must especially in winter and summer months. In Congress I want to push for carbon capture technology for better air quality. When it comes to clean energy I want to help forefront the ability to use clean nuclear energy as well as repurposed carbon capture energy, create easy hydroelectric energy, and lastly help create ionic fusion technology that is almost self-sustaining or hundreds of years.
Crime and Drugs

With the recent epidemic of fentanyl being shipped to Mexico from China and being smuggled across our southern border along with other illicit drugs we need to make sure that we tackle the problem head on by issuing sanctions to both China and Mexico and the other nation that participates. We also need to do a much overhaul of the substance schedules. That I will pass through as a member of Congress. With that being stated, we also need to make sure we give aid and help to our border patrol agents especially in the man power and tech sectors. 

Domestic and Foreign Terrorism

In Congress it is our duty to protect the United States from all terrorism both foreign and domestic. For domestic terror we need to go after those who do harm to our neighborhoods including antifa the and black lives matter groups, as well as the KKK!

We need to have all updated lists and targets so we do not have a physical or cyber terrorist attack from those seeking refuge or asylum or as guests to the United States that seek to destroy us.


As a member of Congress I will seek to destroy the department of education and the Department of higher education, and send it back to the individual states and let the states having an interstate compact for competitiveness.

Foreign Policy and Aid

First of all I will say I will help pull us out of NATO if all the other nations do not pay their fair share instead of using us as an ATM! As far as aid goes, the American people are broke and we come first. I will vote NO on bills that contain any foreign monetized aid and especially if it is not a checks and balance line item agenda that tells us and the American people exactly who where and what that money goes towards.

Government Reform

I am 100% on abolishing 60 to 80% of the alphabet agencies especially the IRS, FBI, FED Reserve, CIA, NSA, and any others that do not produce a net positive for the American people and get rid of the big shadow government of these agencies. In Congress I will draft, author, or cosponsor any bill that achieves this goal.
Health Care

We have to overhaul the health care industry especially how we handle in and out of state insurances, and also in an out of network facilities and doctors. We have to abolish the ACA or the affordable care act that was put in place by Obama and make a new health care system that is beneficial for all without decimating the wages of the American people with high out of pocket co-pays.

Higher Education

Along with abolishing the Department of higher education on the federal level we need to make sure that we only give student loans that are full subsidized and unsubsidized for college degrees that produce a moderate to great ROI. With the student loan programs we also need to dramatically cut how much we give per student per year and make sure that those loans are easily able to be paid back, thus will force our institutions of higher learning to make them more affordable for the every day citizen and student.

However, when it comes to Utah Tech University, I will make sure that that university never sees a penny with any student loan program from the government until it changes its name back to Dixie State University!

Immigration and Boarder Security

We need to make sure our southern border is again secure and cut all the loopholes for sanctuary cities and states including federal funding. I’m ok with mass deportation until we can get the port of entry’s overhauled and working more efficiently! We need better border security with tactical operations for illegal transportation of human – child – drugs! We also need to make sure that our Coast Guard and Navy can handle our oceanic fronts and the Gulf Coast, and make sure that our northern border is just as secure as well.

Jobs and Small Business

To help small businesses and jobs in the private sector and add employees or retain them, in Congress I want to push a stand-alone bill to eliminate the small business payroll tax and reduce taxes for smaller businesses that are corporations, thus being able to hire and retain plus giving the added bonus of higher wages.

LGTBQ+ Rights and Equality

When it comes to these communities I am 100% okay if that’s the way they want to live but we are done playing the games and the bullying tactics that they implement. As far as rights and equality, they already have marriage laws but they should be left up to the states not the federal government.

Life, Family, Freedom

We need to ensure that we are a nuclear family nation and that we believe in the nuclear family, and with that being said we need to abide by our constitutional rights of freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and let our families and extended families continue to have an exercise life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

National Debt and Deficit Spending

Our national debt is almost $35 trillion with an annual budget of 4.5 trillion. We need and I will vote against any spending that does not put us into a surplus and not a deficit every single year. I will vote no 100% of the time on pork a.k.a. special interest bills that have nothing to do with the line item agenda!

Parental Rights in Education

Parents absolutely have and should retain 100% of the say in their child’s education, I will help draft or cosponsor of bill that keeps parents in the driver seat when it comes to their child’s education.


4th July and July in general is a very patriotic month but with me personally every day should be like Independence Day because we are blessed to live in this nation, I support patriotism not just militarily but as individual liberty all of our citizens here in the United States of America and that we should uphold patriotism to its finest.

Public Lands

This is the issue I’m very passionate about is that in Utah most of our land is under federal regulation. If you elect me to the United States House of Representatives I will cut back on lot of that land in my first two years with the added catch that has to be back to the state for redistribution for individual family housing with building communities and not conglomerate mass building.

Religious Liberty

Religious liberty is a fundamental right and constitutional right of the American people and that I will uphold whether you are Christian, non-denomination, Hindu, or Muslim. This is why the freedom of religion was so important to our founding fathers that they wrote in the first article of the Bill of Rights.

Social Justice

Social justice can be a great thing if done properly like the right to assemble, the right to free speech, the right to protest, the right to approach or write your Congressman or Sen., or giving with constitutional authority that says we the people can overthrow the government if a tyrannical government goes against its people. However, this modern-day social justice is a façade for activism that turns to violence, crime, and looting; for me that is not okay.

Social Security

A lot of Republican members of the House and Senate view Social Security as a entitlement program. I for one as a taxpayer and a citizen that pays into that every two weeks I want to make sure as a congressman that that money is secure. Secondly I want to help put that almost $3 trillion back into the SSI and SSDI accounts and take Social Security and put back into the trust and over time left that run out in the next 70 years well we pass a new path for future retirees. There is no reason that we should let it run out or be reduced by 25% by 2034.

State of the Economy (National + State)

As of 2024 the state of the economy is a dumpster fire of a disaster due to record high inflation caused by the Biden administration, the war on economic prosperity due to the printing of money over the last four years, and the war on energy. With the Trump administration back in power we can reverse all this within months and in 2025 I will do everything I can as your United States Congressman to ensure that happens.

Taxes – Federal and State

First off taxation without modern representation is theft plain and simple. I want to help abolish the 16th amendment and get the federal government out of our wallets and out of our paychecks. If we can accomplish that that would be amazing, but with the backup plan that we need to rework the tax code and eliminate all the loopholes so that should be just a single page tax return.

Term Limits

I am a strong advocate for Congressional legislative term limits. In my humble opinion I believe that there should be a hard cap term limits whether it be concurrent or consecutive for members. If the president of the United States only has two terms and eight years total, then that is good enough for the house of representatives also. If you will let me to Congress I will help draft and pass this measure that the American people desperately want. Also in saying that I will self impose my own term limits to 8 years total of 4 terms.

The President and the Executive Office

I strongly support the 45th and 47th president of the United States in Donald J Trump, to which I have fully endorsed him for reelection in 2024. To me the office of the president of the United States is a sacred one and one that the entire world looks upon.

Trade and Tariffs

I will vote in Congress to make fair trade agreements and stronger tariffs and help bring our economy back to take care of America first.

U.S. Constitution

I Ty Jensen solemnly swear to uphold the old of office and the duty to this nation to serve and protect the American people and the United states Constitution!

VOTING and Voter ID Laws

I am 100% in favor of stronger voter ID laws and every legal American citizen should be allowed to vote but also voting with an ID or passport, plus the added protection of address or residents verification

Women’s Rights and Women’s Health

I am a firm believer in women’s rights and was happy with the Republicans pushing those rights in the last century.

When it comes to women’s health I will seek and attain a female legislative coordinator to help me deal with women’s health and issues retain to that. I am saying this because as a man and male in biology terms I am not okay with passing or drafting legislation that does not pertain to me in that way.