Health Care


It is a necessity, but like driving, it is a privilege, not a right to have!

Mental Health:

Mental health is just as important as physical health and needs to be added into most health care provider insurances. A healthy mind equals a healthy body.

Hospital and Doctor Costs:

This is an area that needs to be overhauled completely and I have a proposition bill that I will put forth on the senate floor for this matter. There is no reason ambulance ride for a short distance cost $1,000 or more. An IV bag cost over $100 when the actual cost is around $7. We have to do something about the gross overcharging of the Billing Systems with doctors and administrations.

Health Care For All:

I believe that all people should have some sort of Health Care whether it be Medicaid, Medicare, Select Health, Private Exchange insurance, or insurance through that person’s place of work. That being said I did Vote Yes to Medicaid Expansion in 2018, but we must lower prescription medication and billing fees with Government oversight with big pharm and all insurance companies.

Medical Marijuana:

I am 100% behind issuing and pushing a new comprehensive Bills to enable the State of Utah and the Nation to have and use medical marijuana with doctor prescription and medical marijuana card. And to be grown in Private Lands of Farmers with tight Federal Oversight and kept away from big pharma.

Drug Addiction:

We need to hold all administers of drugs that are doctors and pharmaceuticals Representatives and pharmacist completely responsible when over prescribing and over giving the amounts on or in the bottles. And if holding them responsible means loss of license, job, and or jail time then so be it, it needs to be done.

Opioid Epidemic:

Again holding responsible parties totally responsible for this epidemic needs to be addressed but also we need to crack down with local law enforcement on street drugs and to make harsh penalties and fines that cannot be waived through any bankruptcy or bureaucracy.

Medicaid Expansion:

What’s a growing population Medicaid expansion is a must also we need to include pre-existing conditions into that expansion.

Medicare For All:

Medicare as a federal program is a great thing especially for low-income families who can not afford a policy on the private exchange or a policy through his or her work. I believe that as long as we pay into it and as long as that person is paying into Medicare that they should have the right to its benefits regardless of or if they have a pre-existing condition.

Drug Prices:

We need to hold pharmaceutical companies absolutely responsible for the overcharge of the cost of prescription drugs. I can go overseas and or Southern borders to get the same exact medication at the same dosage for a quarter of the cost here in America and that is just absolutely greed and malpractice of pharmaceutical reps and companies.

Unhealthy Food, Beverage, Tabac Tax:

Due to health care costs of these areas that are linked to cancer, diabetes, necrosis, cardiovascular disease, and liver & kidney failure, a 10 cent per item tax to offset Utah Health Care Costs and the Nations Cost.