Campaign Promises

Passing A ratify Amendment to the Constitution to write in Legislative Term Limits for House and Senate members of  (12 yrs or 6 terms total for House, 12 yrs or 2 terms for Senate!

Defending and Protecting the United States Constitution


Passing a National First Responders / Back The Blue Bill


Passing a National Local Communities Minuteman Act

Negotiate a Draft or Bill for a Fair Flat Tax System


Passing a National Hydro Pipeline Infrastructure Bill


Work with Senate, House, and the Executive Branch on Food and Nutrition

Fight to Cut, Cap, and Balance the Federal Budget and Spending


Make Big Tech choose to be either a Publisher or Platform, if not Make Legislative Bill that supports the 1st Amendment and coinciding with Anti-Trust Laws to force the Big Tech to treat Conservative People and Content as equal with not dial back or shadowbanning


Push to amend or create new 34th Constitutional Amendment for Private and Intellectual Property Ownership for the citizens of the United States


Create a New Pathway for a Financial Freedom Retirement Act

Work with the FDA on Banning Human Harmful Chemicals


Gain Support for a Federal To Public Land Release Act: Allowing farmers, ranchers, private citizens housing property after the passing of the Pipeline


Passing the  Classroom Child Comprehension Act: Fixing and Modernize the Public Education System, kicking out the teachers union or defunding them from federal subsidies and allowing school choice


Work with the FDA to reschedule Drug and Controlled Substances


Drafting the American Citizens Protection Act – Jensen version of Kate’s Law


Legislative Buerocracies and Lobbyists Act – This will reduce and hopefully prevent lobbyists from corporate or special interests monies from running our governed members through loopholes, side deals, and under-the-table cash hustles. It also will prevent federal bureaucrats from inputting special needs and special interests into legislative laws and bills that benefit that agency or agenda.