Decision 2024

Since the Utah Republican Convention in Sandy, UT on April 23, 2022, as a state delegate, I have been reinvigorated and energized after voting for Mike Lee to return to the United States Senate for a 3rd and final term plus getting better name recognition within the current people running plus the ones that did not get through the delegation process on voting. I was testing to see what steps I shale take. That path for me is running, campaigning, fundraising, and winning the absolute grassroots way to win in 2024.

What are the factors that will help that decision solidify?

Well, that depends on certain people who are thinking about the same position. That main person is incumbent (R-UT) Sen Mitt Romney. Romney won in 2018 mainly due to his LDS faith that he lead people to overwhelmingly believe him in 2018 in the June primary over Mike Kennedy, plus the fact that Romney was a republican presidential nominee in 2012 with name recognition.

Likelyhood on Romney running for re-election in 2024 as of May 4th, 2022 is about 60-70%. There have been rumors of possibility for Sean Reyes making a bid for the senate, however he has not made it clear on why he would run and give up his solid seat as the incumbent as Utah’s Attorny General.

Other names have been floted about, but where myself stands is like I have always stated which is one of two sinerios. The first is, is that if Romney does run for re-election in 2024 and at this point with gather signatures with Utah’s SB54 in tact for multi paths to the ballot, that I will do the same with a grassroots approtch and not paying a firm to gather.

The second is if Romney runs, Reyes and possibly again Mike Kennedy, it would be hard to win, therefor I would then run for a U.S. House seat depending on where I live at that time so that I represent my district with living within those boundries in the state of Utah.

As of right now, I am all in for the United States Senate seat for Utah as a pliable America First Republican candidate. Also with the work in progress with conservative news talk with my media company in Raw and Real Politics that is quickly forming, which also will help with name recognition, fundrasing, and candidate town hall events in the future.

I also know that I will also be running for Utah’s republican Top 40 National Delegate spots in 2024 for the ’24 Presidential Election for the 47th President of the United States.



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