Waiting for Romney in 2024!

Since the last time, there was a post I took some time off to field what was best and also had to deal with some personal and family issues. 2022 is going to be between Mike Lee and whoever gets on the ballot via signatures. However, I didn’t file this cycle cause I would rather wait until 2024 and gather the 28,000 signatures and take on Mitt Romney!

This website and its contents will be updated and we’ll stay active while I also continue with Raw and Real Politics and my other 3 shows on youtube, rumble, and podcast centers during these next two years to build the money it will take and also gather the support to take down what I will call a RINO or Republican In Name Only who believes in establishmentarian politics which the opposite of me with an America First approach!

During these next two years or this cycle, I am a State Delegate for my precinct and will be attending my local county convention and also my obligation to be at the Republican State Convention on April 23rd, 2022! plus the added bonus into helping select the next party chair in 2023!


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