Back The Blue Act – The National Protectors Act

Lawlessness, disrespect for law enforcement, riots, vandalism, destruction, theft, public and social media death threats, have all been done over the past 5 years by socially and ideologically misinformed people and groups. These groups grow in large due to social media hype, political ideologies, backgrounds, media disinformation, and fast clickbait articles and videos painting most if not all police as villains or corrupt servants to civil justice or injustices.

While yes some police are in it for money or status, political dwellings, or personal gains in some fashion, 1/10 in big metropolitan areas law enforcement officers might seem or actually be corrupt, or smaller suburban and rural areas might be 1/50-100, we need to protect the other 90-99% who are good, hard-working, intelligent, honest civil servants just enforcing laws on the books as true protectors of communities. It’s far past due that the legislative branch with the United States Senate and House of Representatives took matters up to ensure law enforcement worker safety.

A lot of time citizens hate on police because of narratives through media, or due to the fines and incarceration or criminals or criminal behavior. It really errks U.S. Senate Candidate Jensen that the lawless society has the audacity to say “fu&% the police, paint officers like pigs, and make slogans like put them in a pan and fry them like bacon!”

“It’s total bullsh** that these lawless thugs and criminals target our officers. Hell when sh** hits the fan and bad things happen to the thugs and criminals, gee guess who they call,……they call the local police department or 911 and expect help!” “I’m done with the lawlessness, crude remarks towards them (police), and sick of the illegal riots and assults on our heros, so I’m going to either create a Stand Alone Bill or find a few Co-Sponsers to make laws that protect our heros.” “The age of lawlessness and disrespect is over and will be met with stiff and swift justice!” – Jensen said

First of all most criminals are not afraid of incarceration for days, weeks, or even months getting caught with criminal behavior. Yes, they are or could be if they are looking for or towards the length of years in jail or prison. But why keep having mass populations in correction facilities outside murder, rape, pedophilia, drug trafficking, human smuggling, and some others? Let’s hit these lawless groups and individuals where it will hurt them the most in their wallets!

Advancing high fines cuts and reduces criminal behavior, but making laws that fines cannot be waived, drivers licenses being revoked until fines are paid in full, rejecting or denying passports until fines are 100% paid……..that’s a massive big step in the right direction even making fines that cannot be waived due to hardships or through bankruptcy. Money talks especially when you do something stupid or desperation in a criminal manner about to lose monetary means and ways.

While we cannot take people’s Right to Assemble, Free Speech, Freedom of Expression, Right to legal and or Civil Peaceful Protest, we can fine heavily on Riots, Vandalism, Insurrection, Blocking of First Responders (police, medical, fire) pathways, Blocking of Streets- Highways- and Freeways, Defacing and Distruction or Public and Private Property, and Looting for starters. Right now the poor taxpayers and insurance companies take all the hits financially, nope it’s time to have criminals pony up money for their decisions.

Jensen wants to pass a min $10,000 – $25,000 fine for every individual that  Riots, Vandalism, Insurrection Trespassing, Blocking of First Responders (police, medical, fire) pathways, Blocking of Streets- Highways- and Freeways, Defacing and Distruction or Public and Private Property, and Looting, with a min 7 days in jail with no bail. For groups such as BLM and Antifa that truck or busload in that caused such above damages, the group or organized party/ committee will also face a min $250,000 fine at the min with added 7-14 days jail with no bail for all party organized members. Plus the legislative means to label these groups or associated persons as Federal Domestic Terrorists. No longer with taxpayers flip the bills 100%, those who do the crime can pay the heavy fine(s).

States have rights, fines, jail mins & max, and laws on books and they shall not be infringed upon, but from a federal level, we can add these in conjunction with those state’s rights and laws.

Another thing that needs to happen from a federal standpoint in the bill is the targeting and assault or assassination of civil servants and first responders and corrections officers in addition to a legislative bill making a Federal Death Penalty for criminals the criminals that do or act upon the death of a First Responder or Corrections Officer with a 5-year sentence in federal prison. 5 years is plenty to still keep due process or plead evidence for overturning a possible conviction. No more waiting 20-30 years or a life sentence.

It’s time and past time to Back the Blue and all our great First Responders and Heros

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