Jensen’s “Green New Deal” Hydro Pipeline Infrastructure Plan

We have all heard of AOC’s or Congresswoman (D) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s plan for her “Green New Deal”, but here is the issue, it does nothing for the planet and the inhabitance of the human race. Well, the Ty Jensen plan helps in many ways. He wants to introduce his Hydro Pipeline Infrastructure Plan into 2023 yearly infrastructure bills.

This bill will not only create jobs but also help lessen flood plains, bring water to the State and desert western side of the united states, but also helps agriculture and farmers/ranchers, creates hydro turbines inside the pipeline to help with vast free-flowing electrical grids and currents by lessening fossil fuel intake to power grids, but with adequate water supplies not just for clean water for human and animal consumption, but aids in reversing natural manmade greenhouse emissions by planting and elevating plant and tree life that takes in CO2 and releases oxygen into the atmosphere.

“We have lots of gas pipelines that cross Southern States, we have the Keystone Pipeline, and more…..there is absolutely no reason why we can not get a hydro water pipeline and water treatment facilities going and make a much needed sustainable water supply for Utah, but also multi dessert climates like Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada out west here, but also provide access to our Heartland with Minnesota all the way down to Texas where agriculture and animal production is for our food supply!” – Jensen

What the Pipeline would do!

We will need a multi-state bipartisan agreement and multi-state legislative help to facilitate a system of pipelines going to multiple states. Even help for our neighbors to the north in Canada using the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and also the easing the pressure off the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers by pushing freshwater ways out west here. Seconded by digging and creating treatment facilities to maintain, distribute, water reserves for consumption and water use for agriculture. Using a pipeline system can or could also lesson the cities and counties per state water retention and costs to the cities and towns consumers easing water bill utilities.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! Not only would this create sustainable jobs for individuals, but it will take and make construction jobs, facility, security, maintenance, and administrative jobs as well from a state, federal, and private contractive jobs area standpoint.
Renewable Hydro turbines that free spin from pressure water points will create sustainably electrical grids unlike wind and solar. These points of conversion will happen inside the pipes so it will not hurt wildlife. This can also help ease the pressure off the fossil fuel industry by lessening the monthly and yearly costs to consumers with electrical utilities.

Ending droughts, water restrictions, and better access to ways and water rights. By having water access pumped into our desert climates into facilities and distributed, we can plant more trees, grass, plants, and other vegetative life. More green plant life means that the plant and tree systems can do their jobs by taking in CO2 gases and releasing oxygen. This eases dramatically carbon emissions getting our western climate back to the sustainable four-season cycles the planet Earth needs for longevity.

Human and Animal Consumption. By having more access to clean fresh waterways, we can have far better access to clean fresh drinking water. Greywater can be used for lawns and farming plant life. More water in our State and surrounding states means animals and wildlife can return to the wilderness away from human inhabitance due to water being in lakes and river systems for animal consumption.

Reserve water especially in the summer months can be used to fight local and multi-state fires during fire seasons. This will cut costs and times to fight these fires due to water abundance creating better atmospheric conditions allowing for cleaner air quality by fighting the fires faster.

If elected into the Senate office I will push this in my first year in office cause it needs to happen immediately. My Jensen Green New Deal will dramatically improve the human condition, help better plant and animal life, and help save our beautiful blue planet.


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