Ty Jensen for United States Senate 2022 Annoucement

Press Release

Richfield, UT


Russell Tyrone “Ty” Jensen announced on Tuesday afternoon that he has officially entered the United States Senate race via Youtube and Facebook page as a Republican candidate against 12 years and 2 term incumbent Sen Mike Lee. Jensen joins at least 3 others running in the republican race against Lee.

Ty ran in the Republican Convention in 2020 against then-incumbent 2nd Congressional District House Rep Chris Stewart. I, Carson Jorgensen, and Mary Burkett were all out in the first round of the convention. “It was discouraging at first but I don’t believe in losing, either you win or you learn, and I definitely learned how the convention process works, I learned what also not to do and how to run a successful campaign this time for the Senate do to that experience” – Jensen!

He says this time he will do both the convention cause they will have 3,500 to 3,800 new delegates state-wide due to the past delegates were in charge for the past four years due to covid restraints. “It’ll be better odds this time around, but I definitely want to also use the signature-gathering pathway as well as a dual form to force a contested primary”

It’s easy to see that candidate Jensen will be on the warpath by attrition for the U.S. Senate saying that it’s time for a new leader and I’m the one that is not afraid of the democrats and the far left. I’m not afraid to shoot down their bills, shout them down in public as they do us conservatives, and I will also hold the current incumbent to his own words of “term limits” that he preached on since 2010. “Right now I think he’s a damn turncoat. He’s all gun hoe about term limits for 12 years and 2 terms, but now that it’s his time to at least lead by example, he shut up about it quick and wants reelection, well that’s too damn bad, I’m totally going to hold you accountable for all the speeches and articles for those limits, good luck digging your way out of this one Mikey” – Jensen said!

“Another thing that I entered the race for is to restore the constitution that has been thrown to the waist side, disrespected by democrats, and not been reinforced and upheld by a lot of republicans.” “Mike is one of them, I mean hell look at the last 18+ months, people were told and threatened to not practice the first amendment, Freedom of Speech was silenced, Right to Religious Freedom and Assembly tossed out the window, Free Press is all one-sided in democratic favor instead of honest journalism by bipartisan or nonpartisan, and our 10th amendment to States Rights was severely infringed upon by the “health and human services and Biden’s worthless executive orders”, I’m done, I’m sick and tired of this far-left anti nationism, anti-patriotism by neanderthals in DC. This is why a protector and warrior with me is in this race to help fight back and take back our nation and give the people back their precious freedoms.” – Jensen

Ty will open a State Campaign office in Richfield, UT in March 2022 before the official candidate state signing day.

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