Where I stand on Ukraine and Global Matters

First of let me state that I am not in favor of war, not even a proxy monetary war that does not benefit the united states or our citizens. At this time we¬† need to make sure the American people come first and foremost to help our citizens. We need peace through strength! This may sound like I’m a nationalist then fine, but I am no globalist outside goods in fair trade agreements and tariffs that benefit us here at home. The DC Uni-Party and integrated deep state with the military industrial complex want war, however the American citizens aka taxpayers want again peace though strength and not the killing of genocidal warmongers like Obama, Biden, and both Bush’s! This is where Presidents like Reagan and Trump succeeded with peace talks and peace treaties, plus cease fires. I for one will never vote yea on war efforts unless we are provoked like September 11th, 2001, or Pearl Harbor.

Secondly I don’t support Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, or the CCP Chinese Communist Party. They are ruled by oligarchs with dictatorship regimes under authoritarian rule that hurts it’s own people in the name of power, pride, and money! The everyday human beings in those nations look to us as the answer with our liberties and laws that are citizen first friendly and a platform for individual needs and wants in success and freedom. Most will die to just support our way of life and they all wish to be like the United States but sadly will never be.

The threat of nuclear and biological war however are very real and checks & balances must remain in place and strengthened with more treaties and harder tariffs on goods in a even two way trade. Biological war was already waged on the either earth with the “plandemic” and I do believe that uni-party members loved it in the sense to see how much control like other nations leaders how far they can push it’s citizens into lockstep top down government. I will make sure that never happens again, and will vote to sanction those members from hurting our citizens that feel the economic, social, and financial burdens to the people. Securing our borders is an absolute must and it’s not just finishing the southern border wall, but also strengthening our service members and border agents on the southern and northern border plus our two oceanic fronts as well as the gulf coast in the south. In this nation we worship God, not government!

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