This place has a very special place in my heart because when I was a kid my uncle Andy would consistently take me into Tooele and Stockton and show me where he dug your power poles and threaded your lines as a union member of Ma Bell our company.

Outside that our frequent visits to the Lake Point diner, I still loving go through your county for a scenic outside Utah County into Salt Lake Valley.


This county has some of the most amazing people and some of the most beautiful views during sunset. Obviously your county is a fan favorite and mine personally because you guys host and have lagoon which is always fun and really great for the economy. The people there overall or genuinely great people who have strong family ties.

Your County is a central hub distribution center for a lot of the state which provides jobs for Davis County residents. As a former basketball official I can say wholeheartedly that the good kids I have officiated with Bountiful high school and woods cross high school were always great and they are a reflection of their wonderful parents.

Salt Lake:

Not only did I spend most of my childhood summers in Salt Lake Valley, is also where I was born, plus the added amazing time that I had for five years living in West Valley, The Avenues, and Murray. From downtown with all there is to do, and all the wonderful people that I genuinely love and enjoy, Salt Lake Valley is where it’s at.


When I left in 2003 I honestly never thought I would ever come back until I had to in 2015 due to family medical emergency. Since being back I have gained a ton of respect for the people here and have been blessed to grow as an individual because of you. It has been an honor and privilege to have officiated your high schoolers at North Sevier, South Sevier, and Richfield.

Having lived here for the last seven years I have walked, taught, and worked with you and around you that has given me the perspective of goodhearted people. 

Juab, Millard, Beaver:

Juab has a lot of really great people in its County and I look forward to getting to know them as your representative and or committeeman.

When it comes to Millard County, in all honesty I absolutely love Delta and its high school and Fillmore and its high school and from the games I’ve officiated I can tell you that all the citizens in those two areas especially are absolutely amazing.

Beaver County and Beaver itself outside the sexual innuendo that drives a lot of tourism I was sad and upset to hear about Smithfield meats. However I’ve gotten to know beaver and its residents as well as Minorsville due to officiating and lots of travel up and down I 15. Also, every time I stop in beaver you know I have to hit my favorite chicken shack at Ernies and with Ernies sauce.

Wayne, Piute, Garfield:

Wayne County has a lot of amazing people and it’s one of my favorite Curry pizza spots across from the High School to stop that on my way to color country in Capital Reef State Park or over the Boulder onto the Devil’s backbone on my way to Escalate and Bryce Canyon. 

Piute County, escpecially Marysville has a special place to me because that is where I got my dog Daisy, plus where I got my first car after I moved back from Salt Lake County. Piute High School has always been welcoming and a great host for referees and I’ve enjoyed officiating your high school students.

Garfield County is obviously home to Bryce Canyon National Park, but also home to really great fishing in Panguitch Lake.


Spending a year and a half Cedar City Utah, being a student at SUU with Men’s Basketball, and learning the culture of Iron County, it was an absolute treat. I will always say that during Christmas time, Cedar City has the most festive and amazing downtowns that honestly should be in a Hallmark movie. Outside that I love your abundance of shopping and food accommodations. Your Shakespearean Festival is a huge tourist attraction as well as driving up the canyon and seeing all the God has created. Your County is a place that I would strongly consider living in again.



Washington County, with family living in Hurricane, attending and loving your peach days, going to your sand dunes, attending live shows at your amphitheater, and doing business with local small businesses and eating at your establishments, I have loved your County, Loved also getting to know your delegates as well. I am strongly if elected as your nominee to looking at a home in your county.


Your residents have some really goodhearted people in them and I have loved officiating your high school in Kanab, and I look forward to getting to know all of your residents and delegates more.