Education: Federal Sanctions on Public Education on restricting classroom discussions on CRT or Critical Race Theory, ESG or Environmental Social Governance, and banning social justice and LGTBQ+ topics from K-9th grades. Plus defunding and reallocation of taxpayer funds from Federal Education Programs and Federal Teachers Unions and return the powers to the individual states. 

Education: Teacher Critical Thinking Educational Tools. This bill would take power away from the teachers unions so that we can have modern day education in our schools and ditching the Rockefeller old school style of teaching our youth. Plus the added bonus of reapplying our Trade Field Courses and paring them with updated STEM practices and letting go of Common Core on a federal level. 

Education: NO CHILD LEFT HUNGRY ACT! This bill would take reallocated money and give it to the states so that ALL CHILDREN will have at least 1 meal either Breakfast or Lunch for family that live in poverty conditions or meets a financial hardship guidelines.  

Financial: Keeping SCS or Social Credit Scores out of the financial sectors that effect individuals and businesses by lowing actual credit scores but neutralizing the impact that favors a political or ideologic social movements or support of above stated. This was a CCP or Chinese Communist Party way of social class power that we can not have here in the United States.

Immigration: Build It Better Act! Restoring and reallocating federal monies to finish the “WALL” on the southern border, amplifying personnel and weaponry for Border Patrol Agents, updated holding cells, and holding international prisoners like cartels, mafias, and coyotes that human-sex-drug traffic, while returning non citizens back to nation of origin. Above prisoners will be labeled and placed as international terrorist.  

Constitutional Amendment: We The People Act! This constitutional amendment act would amend the place Federal Oversight to how long a Senator and House member can serve in Washington, DC. Two Terms (six years per term) for U.S. Senate, and six terms (two years per term) for U.S. House for a grand total of twelve years. Members who serve the full length of the max limits of twelve years can not serve in the legislative branch for a 10 year dead period. Added sanctions of limits also include a hard age cap of 70 years of age. 

Banking Infrastructure: American Patriot Rescue Act! This bill would reduce the power of elite brokers and banking lobbyist and cut out 90,000 IRS jobs. We will make this “global currency” back to a myth and reliving the  American Taxpayer monetarily free from mass oversight but upping the threshold from $600 back to $10,000 as old. Also upping the FDIC and NCUA from $250,000 to a modern standard to $500,000!

Banking Infrastructure: American Taxpayer Retirement Plan! As a member of the U.S. Senate we’ll need a nuance approach to you the American taxpayers retirement payments and places to capitalize for higher ROI in index funds, IRA’s, and other means for retirees. We need a new path off of social security after the millennial generation with a dual path and or new path backed by market ups and not downs of the NYSE. For the current retirement citizens we need to restore social security recipients plus adding a kicker in adding monies to level out inflation. ABSOLUTELY NO BANKING OR MAJOR BUSINESS BAILOUTS! I’m a firm believer in the Phoenix effect.