Name: Ty Jensen

Age: 41 

Occupation: Political Commentary Content Creator, Conservative Political Activist,  UHSAA Basketball Official, Service Industry

Office Seeking: United States Senate 2024 (Utah)

RNC Office Seeking: Utah At Large Delegate 2024

Office Seeking: Utah RNC Committeeman 2024

Current Political Affiliation: Utah Republican Party (America First Constitutional Conservative)

Current Political Holding: Utah GOP  State Delegate 2022-2023

Education: Utah Valley University – Physical Education Exercise Science / Broadcast Communications 2003-2006

Education: Southern Utah University – Physical Education Teaching Coaching 2012-2013

Marital Status: In a Relationship (complicated)

Utah Residency Affiliations: Richfield, UT, Orem, UT, Provo, UT, Cedar City, UT, Salt Lake Valley (Avenues, WVC, Murray, SLC)

Hobbies: Cooking, Traveling, Martial Arts, Golfing, Sports, Book Writing, Fishing, Sky Diving, Snowboarding, Hiking, Gaming


Russell Tyrone (Ty) Jensen, a native born and raised in Utah, was born to Russell Grooms and Carol Jensen (both deceased). He has lived in Utah his whole life in this great state in Utah County, Salt Lake County, Iron County, and Sevier County, and is no stranger to the other 25 counties in the state. 

Jensen got his start in political life in 2012 while attending SUU in Cedar City and got involved in debates, lectures, and student republican affiliations while there. At SUU he weekly attended Pizza and Politics Wednesdays on campus at the Leavitt Center for Politics. In 2013 he wandered back into the sports world as an elite basketball trainer in the Salt Lake Valley and northern Utah County and thought that the political part was just a quick phase. Good thing that it was not as he kept up with state and federal politics on the national level that some parts of his life were greatly impacted in the health care and workforce by the Obama administration. In 2015 his mother was falling sick and needed medical in-home help so he returned to Sevier County after 12 years. 

When the 2015 presidential race for the white house 2016, he watched the republican debates and firstly wanted Florida Sen Marco Rubio, but as he dropped out, he then backed the billionaire business candidate Donald Trump. Inspired by Trump and dealing with his mother’s death in  2017, he made and is still keeping his promise to her to help change this nation for the better. In 2018 he made the decision to hop into a longshot fight as a Write-In candidate for the United States Senate against now-incumbent Mitt Romney. That next year in Richfield, UT he confronted Romney by asking him to do two things, find a way to repair social security and vote yes on legislative term limits, on which the incumbent refused to make a statement or speak on. 

After two more years of studying and learning the ins and outs of policy, Washington DC, and more, he entered the 2020 congressional race for Utah’s 2nd District against Chris Stewart. Losing at the online convention due to Covid restrictions among two others, he was again inspired by a fellow congressional candidate in the same race Carson Jorgensen who in the next year won the Utah GOP chair.  2022, Jensen wanted to run against incumbent Sen Mike Lee mainly due to him not keeping his original promise of term limits, but he decided not to run for personal issues, instead, he became a State Delegate for the State Convention.

Now after over more than a decade of being involved in multiple political processes and dealings, he is entering the 2024 race for the United States Senate to make and keep that promise to his mother on her deathbed while striving to serve the people of Utah and to keep Utah and America Amazing! 

Jensen is active and currently looking forward to meeting people in all 29 Utah counties and will use the caucus convention system going through the state delegates and SCC members, as well as meeting mayors, city councils, and county commissioners, plus all the states legislature members all the way up to the State Convention in April 2024.  

He is not just seeking election for the United States Senate seat for Utah, but also a dual role for Utah’s RNC Committeeman, plus a At Large Delegate for the 2024 RNC Convention in Milwaukee, WI.