2nd Amendment

Second Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Background Checks:

We must have more security when it comes to background checks for either shotgun, rifle, or hand concealed weapon. And to also have some sort of mental health check or mental capability and competency like they do with driver’s licenses with the background check before purchasing of any weapon.

Gun Control:

Look at most liberal cities who have strict gun control laws. They are Lawless! It has been proven that with more open and concealed carry citizens, the less the crime!

Assault Weapons:

When we talk about assault weapons we mainly talk about AR-15s. Frankly Speaking, any weapon can be an assault weapon just like every gun can be used as an assault weapon. As there is no actual need for an AR-15 in the home or on the street people still have the right to that style of gun. And they also have the constitutional right to have that gun because of the pursuit of happiness.

Common Sense Gun Safety:

Most places that issue guns have common sense gun safety with either hunter safety or concealed carry safety classes.

Constitutional Carry:

To be a constitutional carry is a dual carry permit in all 50 states but again that’s just my opinion.

Pro 2nd Amendment:

I am a pro-Second Amendment politician who will stand up for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that no one person, group, or government shall infringe on that. People have the right to defend them self and their home in self-defense at all cost.

Gun Rights:

We all have gun rights except for criminals who have federally committed crimes that have that right taken away. My very humble opinion is, is that an armed Society is a safe Society.

Gun Violence:

Yes, gun violence is a major issue right now in this nation and that is partly in the urban areas in the major cities. The best way to stop gun violence is to have competent citizens that can carry.