Higher Education:

We need to not just push Higher Education Degrees, but also push for Trade Routes. Trade Jobs need to be filled and the current status needs to adapt due to job opportunities.

School Choice:
School choice is great and should be decided by the taxpayer in voting, but only for regular students and not student-athletes. Plus to keep school choice within economical space of 10-20 miles.

College Affordability:
Higher Education is out of control in raising tuition each year and we need to work with them to put a cap on increases. Right now it is semi-affordable in some schools, but a hard cap is much needed.

Charter Schools:
As I am for School Choice, Public Charter Schools are included. They have smaller classes and are more focused on the Arts or Sciences in K-12.

Teachers need to be paid more and be competitive in pay with surrounding States. However, I would want to open up more teaching positions and eliminate Teacher Tenures for underachieving teachers.

Common Core:
We need to eliminate Common Core and do an overhaul this the States Dept of Ed and come up with a top of the line K-12 system that puts Utah and the United States on Top!

Standardized Testing:
I want to overhaul the current form and make it more modern due to the fact that kids learn in different ways and do better with certain testing ways.

School Safety:
I want to eliminate “safe zones” in schools and put an armed Police Officer with full gear in every school to deter any future school shootings. Also, arm certain teachers within the school as another way to stop a mass shooting in our schools.

Student Debt:
Education should not be free but should be more obtainable and less student debt when finished. More cost efficient Higher Education schools without the burden of Student Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans with interest for more debt.

Early Childhood Education:
I’m all for a public ECD system, due to parents need a break and teachers help further along the child’s motor learning and developmental skills before K-12! And it makes the kids more sociable

School Breakfast And Lunch:
I want a 3-5 cent sales or $10 property tax raise to go towards Public and Charter School Breakfast and Lunches. I want NO CHILD LEFT HUNGRY and this tax to be put to a State Vote in 2022!


As local budgets increase, we need to have offsets to rising costs. For myself, I think that profits from Medical Marijuana or Local/ National Lotteries could offset these costs.