Legal Immigration: 

I am all for legal immigration and when I say legal immigration I mean through the proper channels and paperwork that it takes at our foreign embassies to come here through a student or work visa and try and obtain citizenship status.

Immigration Reform:

I would love to make a pathway two citizenship for those who are here who work hard and who do not commit crimes.

Sanctuary City:

I am going to double down on the President’s stance on this because every time we fund a sanctuary City we basically fund saying that it is okay for Crime to happen. We need to deter people from coming to major cities as Refugee centers. Sadly on a small scale, our very own Salt Lake City is a Sanctuary City.


When it comes to refugees from war-torn countries I still believe in a very great vetting system that we can weed people out but also keep the nuclear family of theirs together as much as possible. I am okay with taking people in and having their culture, but they also have to love and respect ours as due diligence for us taking them in and if they cannot then they must go elsewhere or go back.


I am okay with foreign kids who came here as children to receive an American Education as long as it is not used against us. By saying this they must also the adapted to our culture as Americans and to respect and love our flag, our nation, and our laws.

The Wall:

I think a wall on the southern border is an absolute must to deter coyotes drug runners, and human traffickers at all cost and that we must accelerate the building and the security of that wall at all times. Our Navy and Coast Guard on our Oceans and Gulf are being secure and are secure by great Men & Women who serve this nation.


Immigration Customs Enforcement is necessary however we need to split ICE in half. What I mean by that is that on one side to just go after the criminals and the other side to help those who work hard find a pathway to citizenship. As far as the bad gang members and those who commit rape, murder, and pedophilia and also those who sit in our jails who are illegal need to go back to their country of origin and be gone for good at an accelerated rate.

Illegal Immigration:

We must as a nation support our border enforcement officers to do their job and to do it correctly and to arrest those who come into the country without separation but to automatically take them back as we continue to build the wall and to secure our border more heavily. We must also find a way to detonate and blow up / destroy underground tunnels that bring people here.


As far as this policy is concerned if they have no nuclear family here in the United States already then they must automatically go back to the country of origin with no question. If they do have nuclear family here and they risked their lives I believe in finding the pathway for the entire family even if it’s through temporary work status.