Proposals for Bills that will be Single Drafter, Committee, and/or Bipartisan to be presented on the House Floor

New Kate’s Law/ American Citizen Protection Act – Immigration

This legislative bill will act as a bulletproof bipartisan legislation that will protect our American citizens both natural born and legal immigrant that will require federal oversight to make the states surrender criminal illegal immigrants for them to be deported back to country of origin. Second of all this act would systematically suspend monetary means to take away all federal money to sanctuary cities and status for illegally harboring asylum non-citizens from state legislatures. 

Pathway to Citizenship – Immigration

This bill would help push along the slow-moving process at our borders and our ports of entry for not just immigrants looking for asylum from beings of tyranny but to also help those who are here illegally who do not or have not committed any crimes outside coming to the United States illegally; that this bill would put them at the back of the line, to where they would be in line and from that point they would start being able to apply for citizenship of the United States and from that day forward be able to contribute to society in the form of paying taxes.

Student Mental Health Bill and Budget – Education 

With the approval from the American people these funds would directly go to make sure that every K-12 system in the United States has at least one non-academic adviser counselor who is a mental health specialist in the school system. These appropriations and budgetary funds are to help our youth and our school system from the unfortunate trend of school shootings and youth suicides.

Health Care Billing Overall – Health Care

Through legislative means and unfortunate government oversight we hold not only federal control but also make the states hold control of how the health care system is billing individual patients and without health insurance. All procedures, doctor’s appointments, examinations, consultations, and that we make sure that there is no overcharge in that we figure out a flat rate via state to state that people with pre-existing conditions are not charged more because of unfortunate health issues.

Social Security Citizens Protection Act – Social Security 

This congressional act would act as a buffer to make sure that we not only put the funds back into the social security monetary accounts of the amount near $3 trillion that was taken out with the last two administrations, but we make social security cards with new updates and with binary coding/ bar code such as secondary numerical or letter sequences that is unique to the individual’s primary Social Security number. We make sure that Social Security and its funds are for those of the American people, and the American people only. By updating this system, it will also reverse any current and future fraudulent activity to protect the American people.

Flat Income Tax  (FIT) – IRS

I propose that we in the legislative branches find a solution that will be good for all the American people without resorting to socialism or communism. Therefore we in Congress need to work towards fixing income rates for all Americans and work towards abolishing certain parts of the IRS. We need to introduce a flat fixed income tax that will be appropriate for all taxed individuals and corporations. We can even use along the same lines as the Trump tax initiative to ease the burden on the middle class and the working class.

Federal to Public Land Release for Farmers, Ranchers, Private Citizen Housing Property – Budget and Commerce

Utah by large has a massive amount of federal land that we the people should and do technically own. By releasing federal land that is not being occupied by government contractors or federal facilities such as military outposts and bases that we release this land into the hands of the American people so they can build their own homes and private businesses for a sustainable economy. I want to make sure that the American individual in its truest form has every right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! 

Ending Daylight Savings Time – Spring Ahead Stay Ahead – National

With this initiative we would go back to pre-World War II outtake in the modern world to keep our times steadily current. Keeping this will be stunningly good for farmers and school kids across the nation.

Classroom Child Comprehension Act – Education

I will personally and fundamentally overhaul not only the reteaching in the classroom but how the student is actually learning. Every kid learns a little bit different but with the modern age and technological advances with audio and visual techniques, standardized testing is not only  archaic but does not give accurate measurement of the intelligence that the child can comprehend while learning. We must give teachers the ability to measure a student’s comprehension in the learning process of what they can retain, acknowledge, and put forth into new testing methods that they are able to not only pass a class but do it in a more modern ability.

BALL Act (Balanced Athletic Leverage Legislation) – NCAA Sports

This act would give power to the player’s by giving them equal opportunity that their peers in the higher education system have by allowing them to no longer be student athletes, but by having them be student athletic employees. This part of legislation would give players access all sports including women’s sports teams via title 9 to be equally and fairly compensated by the states and higher education institutions and players shall retain their individual likeness in all forms of media and advertising as well as player names on jerseys. I personally see this as a human rights issue and a final end to our nation’s past history of segregation and Jim Crow laws. This legislation will allow these student athletic employees to draw and have work history in the form of a W-2 form or a 1099 to file taxes during January and April.

Second Amendment Citizens Protection Protocol/ Bi Carry Act (National) – Constitution 

Our founding fathers in my personal beliefs saw the future, and what they seen was this point in time where we need to have correct gun laws and background checks that include mental health stability that protect law-abiding citizens and to protect businesses from fraudulent or illegal purchases of firearms, rifles, and ammunition! 

National Voter ID Laws 

It is extremely important to our American citizens that we finally have a national voter ID especially when it comes to elections. Going along with states rights is a must at the federal level so we can have a mandatory proper ID check just like the ones we have when we purchase a gun, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, or any other items that require physical ID form for purchase. This will help eliminate illegal tempering with elections, fraudulent voting, and United States citizen and territory voting counts.

First Amendment Equal Speech Act – Social and Business 

This is where we need to lead the charge as a people with myself and a few others that we need to make freedom of speech free again. We need to ratify our first amendment and amend it in a way that we hold new age freedom of speech in technology to either be a publisher or a platform and to have the individual company be held accountable for being either a publisher or a platform. If they are a platform and they collect ad revenue as a source of their business income, that they shall not infringe on the free-speech market and the rights of the American people outside actual hate speech with censorship overview and the demonetization of content creators. If they are a publisher, they should be held accountable for libel speech and the technology user agrees to its community standards in which that private company has the right to censor content.


In the recent days this has become a major issue on the national scene. With well over 80% of the American voters, they say very loud and clear that there needs to be legislative term limits in both federal and state levels. I would love to propose a legislative term limits bill that will reduce the United States Senate terms to four-year terms and members of the United States Senate or upper house can only serve two terms for a total of eight years. As for the United States Congress which is the House of Representatives or the lower house, it shall serve no more than four terms of eight years total. I stand by our founding fathers when they very well said that no one person shall be a lifetime appointee to public office.