Proposals for Bills that will be Single Drafter, Committee, and/or Bipartisan to be presented on the Senate Floor


  1. New Kate’s Law/ American Citizen Protection Act – Immigration
  2. Pathway to Citizenship – Immigration

  3. Student Mental Health Bill and Budget – Education

  4. Health Care Billing Overall – Health Care

  5. Social Security Citizens Protection Act – Social Security

  6. Federal to Public Land Release for Farmers, Ranchers, Private Citizen Housing Property – Budget and Commerce

  7. Ending Daylight Savings Time – Spring Ahead Stay Ahead – National

  8. Classroom Child Comprehension Act – Education

  9. Second Amendment Citizens Protection Protocol/ Bi Carry Act (National) – Constitution 

  10. National Voter ID Laws 

  11. First Amendment Equal Speech Act – Immigration 


  13. National Sports Equality Act (NCAA Sports)