A New Voice & Better Choice for Washington D.C., Jensen Officially Signs

March 13, 2020, Salt Lake City, UT – State of Utah Capitol Building, Lt Governors Office – Office of Elections

This morning about 10 am local time and after months of talking about running for congress for the 117 class with the United States House of Representatives for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, Candidate Ty Jensen signed his declaration of candidacy papers. Jensen who resides in Richfield, UT located in Sevier County said: “It’s the perfect current location because I’m literally in the middle between Tooele, Salt Lake, & David County going northbound and southbound to St George, Iron, and Kane Counties, plus all the middle rural counties.” I have lived in rural, suburban, and urban parts of the state in my life and in the current district.”

Ty is running against current incumbent Rep Chris Stewart who he says only has a mid 30’s at best approval rating among republicans and right-leaning moderate independents according to Y2 Analytics who do Utah polling. Candidate Jensen says Stewart hasn’t kept his promises of cutting spending and depleting the national debt plus decreasing yearly expenditure in the deficit especially being on the appropriations committees. Plus not to mention Stewart’s animosity towards eliminating social security by voting against adding funds into SSI accounts on multiple house floor votes and saying that it’s a socialist program vowing to end it. The Social Security Administration says that the funds will be depleted by 2037, However never creating, resolute, or sponsoring a bill that would stop us from the taxpayers to end funding social security out of our checks from the private sector. Not to mention is undying support for the President even though it recently backfired Stewart who was nixed by Trump for the director of national security over his 2016 comments on Stewart calling Trump our Mussolini implication a dictator.

Jensen’s more personal issues with the incumbent is the lack of communication with the last mayor of Salt Lake City in Jackie Biskupski over the Road Home homeless shelter and the mishandling of operation Rio Grand which forced homelessness all over the Salt Lake valley and up into Davis County plus Tooele County which are also in district 2. Ty says he looks forward to working with not just the new mayor of Salt Lake in Erin Mendenhall, but also the democrat ran city council so that the incident never happens again. “We can do more on the federal level to the local level to not just help transients move on, but also help our homeless especially out homeless veterans who are suffering from PTSD and substance abuse issues with support and actual communication, That’s something I will bring that he won’t,” said Jensen. Ty also mentioned that he wants to help more with the mental health issues and support at the Veterans Hospital since his dad was aa member of the U.S. Army during the Korean War.

Candidate Jensen’s platform is extensive if you look into the website with topics that are vast on the Bills and Issues pages. As of now in the Republican field for district 2 besides Chris Stewart (Farmington) is Mary Burkett (St. George) and Carson Jorgensen (Mt Pleasant – really in district 4 boundaries). Jensen and Burkett are going to have a live debate on Tues March 17th, 2020 in Washington, UT from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Stewart declined to participate in the debate. Ty says the debate will not only be recorded but also live on both candidate’s Facebook political pages as well as Jensenforutah.com.

One of Jensen’s concerns going into the political cycle is the occurrence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the reaction of the republican parties rearrangement of the caucus events in the state and also the movement of the counties and state conventions to an online format while limiting the face to face interactions due to the so-called outbreak. This format uses the last delegates from the 2018-19 cycle and not getting new delegates which could possibly be up to 30-40% new voices and new opportunities with fresh faces. Ty admits that the party is going to have an identity crisis within the new decade if the party doesn’t get younger when the older generations stop voting or die. “This could possibly hurt all candidates or help us, nobody knows yet.” “I just hope that the delegates can be persuaded to have an actual primary instead of just giving Chris a 60% solid vote this time unlike in 2018 where there was no primary.” – Jensen. He also said that is this is going to be a more online and video type of cycle that is the best for him cause he’s good at it. Being 37, video clips and speeches are going to be his specialty. Ty’s going for the 60% nod to get to the general election this Nov or at least making a good 40% debate case to force a primary. He plans on emailing delegates and updating his website to mainly video formats to accommodate delegates convention voters and primary republican voters due to the epidemic of China released COVID-19 virus which could potentially last for a couple of months.

Jensen is adamant about not taking special interest or corporate lobbyist campaign contributions as he views it at a “favor” for a future or current bill for their personal greed. He last ran in the General Election in 2018 as a Write-In Candidate against Mitt Romney for the United States Senate. Since that election, he has dove more on to the political scene and became much more knowledgable on the various topics. Ty is currently employed in the small business private sector and is looking to be the peoples champion especially in the working and middle class where he identifies to be. He is looking forward to the long road to D.C. and ready to battle anyone and everyone to become the We The Peoples protector and hero that we deserve.

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