The Real Reason I’m Running

So one of the main questions I get almost on a daily basis is why are you running, and what made you decide to run. Well, and put it very frankly and blunt, I am running because I don’t think that our current Congressman Chris Stewart is doing his job at all! Now I know campaigns can get awfully murky and almost always negative whether it’s the primary or the general election in any given year, and I normally don’t like to resort to name-calling but it’s no secret that I call the current rep” lazy” and a “coward”! While I have no personal animus towards him, and he seems like upstanding person, I believe that it is about time especially in this day and age in political climate that we need people to not only run but win with a fighting spirit. A person like myself that is not afraid to speak out and a person who is not afraid of hard work.

While some people look at the salary for members of Congress in both the House of Representatives and Senate in upwards income at $174,000 per year, I can personally attest that this is not about money. In fact in all honesty I don’t think members of Congress that only work about 140 days a year if that should make that much. I personally believe that we should not make more than teachers in the public education system. Or let alone our police officers, firefighters, or EMTs where the max salary is under $100,000 per year! But it is what it is and I know that I never ask for a single raise during my tenure in Congress because of our civil servants making far less and work twice as hard.

I mean hell look at all the perks of being a member in Congress like free parking at the DC airport terminal, almost $1 million per member or office staff, and not to mention deep discounts on traveling to and from our representative districts and other members districts which the common man would have to pay out the Ying Yang for. Well I don’t know what my opponents thoughts are on this and not just Chris Stewart, but also people like St. George candidate Mary Burkett ( R) or Larry Livingston ( D) from Davis County, but I know for me that these are outrageous.

So now that we have established the above, now let’s get into the real reasons on why I’m running!


If you’ve followed me for a while now you’ll realize that there is nothing new about this. I personally want to see Social Security put back all the money that members of Congress as well as the executive branch with Pres. Obama and President Bush drained during their terms. It has also been no secret that representative Chris Stewart voted in the halls of Congress to not put money back in to the social security account because he deems it an entitlement and a socialism agenda even though we put in for it every single check. That number was around $3 trillion that was drained. It has been studied and proven that by the year 2037 that a dip in Social Security of up to 35% of a United States citizens monthly SSI income. So basically if you have $1000 per month coming in and you’re at the age of 50 today, by the time you hit 67 and ready to receive it; that number could be anywhere from $650 per month to $750! I can’t imagine from the age of 16 all the way up till 67 and those who look forward to social security income no longer be able to receive full benefits that they are entitled to because they have worked long and hard all that time and put into the accout. We do need to close loopholes for illegal immigrants who have never put a dime in to never receive any of those funds and I am willing to fight every Democrat who wants it. I am vowing to restore those funds and to also put a hard cap on that account so that no member of any branch of the federal government can reach in and pull those funds that belong to us the American people.


This is a hard one because so many people need adequate healthcare that they are never receiving it. I do not believe in Medicare for all like the Democrats because that would drive up the price of not only prescription drugs but also the cost of simple doctor visits. I also do not believe in the single-payer system because economically like Medicare for all that would destroy the US economy and add trillions to the national debt that we are already having a hard time with. I believe giving my personal history and also my willingness to work across the aisle and make bipartisan legislation that all American citizens can have adequate healthcare even with pre-existing conditions. I believe we need to lower the cost prescription medication but we must also lower the price and refine the ways of how medical billing practices are done by both hospital/doctor and the insurance companies so that the individual and family premiums for insurances can be low enough to where all Americans can afford it.


Regardless of what CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, TY T network, and every other left wing media outlet and newspaper cycle says, I have personally been to the border and I have seen these people disrespect our laws and have absolutely no respect for our Constitution, border patrol and police, for our citizens, not even their own people who came here legally. Therefore I am 100% behind the president of the United States Donald J Trump that we not only continue and finish building a physical barrier wall, but also make our ports of entry work faster and more efficient so that people can come here legally without spending tens of thousands of dollars or waiting decades. I believe that we need to be more diligent in looking into asylum claims but all asylum claims must come through ports of entry and not through the gaps within the fence. I am also 100% in agreements that we defund sanctuary cities including our very own Salt Lake City, Utah! Plus with a huge crackdown and deportation status of removing all criminal illegal aliens regardless of color, creed, or nationality! In addition we must STOP the child sex trafficking, drug mule smuggling, weapon and arms smuggling, and mass migration importation with sexually abused women. The Crime and Criminals must stop!


We are at a very delicate time in our nation’s history. Right now there are people on both sides of the aisle who want to take parts of our Constitution and either ratify it or have amended off completely. I am a personal belief that the original 55 signers of the Declaration of Independence could see into our present day in some sense that they made these laws because of moral duty and diligence. Our modern age we have social media, but to the tech giants in Silicon Valley who by and large are all democratic sympathizers and supporters that they duly silence any conservative talking points, websites, media outliers like video and audio with directly violates freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Right now the First Amendment is under attack by this suppression because they think that original thought is hate speech when in reality it’s just speech they hate that they disagree with. I want to protect our First Amendment for all people as long as it is not threatening or leads to physical violence from both sides of the aisle for all Americans. When it comes to the second amendment and as a current gun owner who has a concealed carry and who lives in an open carry state, make sure that people who have never had felony convictions and had their second amendment rights judicially taking away that we need to make sure that the legal people do not commit crimes have that right to firearms, AR 15’s, shotguns, and hell even some BB guns according to the left. While I am not endorsed by the NRA or any gun rights advocacy groups I do and support that we do not step on or abuse with congressional oversight to silence or restrict rights away for legal citizens to arm and protect themselves and their households.


Every September we talk about the debt ceiling and the national debt and the deficit for the upcoming fiscal year and all we do is either have a federal shutdown or talking points in the media and in the halls of the Senate and House committees. When in reality I want to help our nation become more financially responsible and to cut any unnecessary spending entry our nation like a business and not like a charity. We almost need to go line by line and be very picky choosy with your hard earned income that pays taxes because at the end of the day you the people of the United States are the ones who paid the bills, and members of Congress seem to always forget that.

Oh I could go on and on, and over these podcasts and articles I will dive deeper into the thoughts and feelings behind this entire campaign and application to be your representative in this coming election over the next year. Like I said before it is time that we actually have a leader, somebody that’s not afraid to talk back and shout down the so-called squad in DC with Alexandria Oconto Cortez, Iliana Omar, and others, and be very unapologetic for wanting to defend our Constitution and our people as a whole.


I know that if money or popularity were the only factors why Congress? I could go back full time to basketball training year round and also do podcasts & videos, plus own a marketing and business development firm and make way more money in the private industry and sectors especially at my current age of just 37 years young. This is about getting out nation back on track and finally being able to serve my county and being 37 I feel that I can not only communicate better with both sides of the major parties, but I can help in great detail people of older age groups for an easier life and setting up those in my age group and younger for a bright and prosperous future!


Please feel free to look at the Issues and also see the Bills that I want to push forth here on the website!

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