Jensen vs. Stewart 2020 Primary

Tonight in Richfield, Utah the local GOP Republican caucus met for their annual gala gathering and in attendance was our very own Ty Jensen, whom is not only a Republican congressional candidate but also a citizen of Sevier County, and Richfield in general. Also at the gathering was campaign managers for representative Chris Stewart. After dinner and the caucus meeting Jensen with just a napkin to write on had written the below picture.

As of right now the Republican Party is at a juncture is with the signature gathering process so in which our candidate decided will be the best way to automatically be on the primary 2020 ticket, and to give the voters of Utah a voice plus another choice to represent the Republican Party of district 2 for the state of Utah.

“Gathering signatures is a very strenuous obstacle. The hard work is what made me get here and is who I am today. 7,000 gathered signatures even if it means 20,000 will be much worth it to be on the ballot” – Jensen

In other news at the Sevier County Caucus nominated a new chairman in Richfield local, Rick Robinson. “Rick is a great man I’ve known him a very long time and is also a prominent figure with High School basketball and in the community. This was a well-deserved honor and I know that he will lead the local Republican chapter to new heights”!

Candidate Jensen is on a the year long campaign trail meeting delegates in his declared district!

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