We The People

Reasons to give Tyrone Jensen a solid look and PLEASE SHARE THIS POST

1. Raised in a Single Parent home until age 15 when biological Dad came back. Raised in Rural Utah in the working poor class/ low middle class, not wealth or privilege!

2. Pro-Life, Pro 2nd Amendment, and will uphold the Constitution and will fight for every American regardless of background or income to have Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

3. Works a current day job of 40 hours a week, and putting that same work ethic into working for average American people!

4. Not afraid to stand up to the Washington Elites, Big Corporation, Multi Millionaires, or Lobbyists. Also not afraid of other Political Candidate.

5. He is a man that believes in Truth, Justice and the American way, also as well with Commitment, Integrity, and Transparency.

6. Tyrone’s upbringing is ideal for overhauling the Education System and Health Care Industry.

7. Has lived in Rural, Suburban, and Uban areas in the State of Utah, and knows the people in those areas, and will remember all Utahns each and every time he votes.

8. Has the clear and accurate understanding of major issues of current State and National Concern.

9. Not afraid to stand up for the current President or the United States, and not afraid to call out the U.S. Senators or House Members in the media or on the floors in Congress to pass or kill Bills or Laws that do harm to you, the American People!

10. Tyrone’s strong platform included: Immigration Reform, Securing our Borders, Adding to Social Security and sealing it off from misuse of the power of people in office, Defending our Constitution, upholding the 2nd Amendment, Defending Religious Freedom, Finding a Cut- Cap- and Balance for our National Debt and Deficit, Returning Power to the States and also Federal Land back to the people, overhauling Education and Healthcare for all people, and FIGHTING FOR US- WE THE PEOPLE !


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