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Jensen officially makes 2024 bid for United States Senate

     Happy Easter everyone, after much consideration and prayer for the love I have for this nation that it is with great pleasure that I am announcing my candidacy under the Utah Republican Party to enter into the 2024 race for the United States Senate. As a former 2020 Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives for District 2, and a 2018 Write-In campaign that have been the absolute building blocks to take this step in representing our great citizens of the state of Utah. Along this path over the last six years there has been much self-education and political insight in a massive learning curve into how the federal political system works, and to my resolve much of this is absolutely broken. However with all the knowledge that I have obtained in many positions on the issues that need to be addressed and asserted, I will work for not just those who are in the State of Utah but also for the citizens of the United States as a whole.

     Currently we are at impasse with high inflation, the deregulation of the current US dollar, and the overwhelming caveat of a possible third world war that we need to thwart & steer clear from due to the disastrous nature of potential biological and nuclear fallout that will hurt not only the citizens of the United States, but will ultimately hurt the entire population of the earth. It is sad to see this current Obama JV team administration under Joe Biden has left the American people in other disarray both constitutionally and financially. But with the 2024 elections we can ultimately turn the tide and return this nation to absolute prosperity both in private and public sectors that we have seen before under the previous Trump administration.

     I am entering this race because we need representatives in Washington DC that are with the people, by the people, and for the people, and not those who have deep pockets with special interest to financially benefit for their own selves and their own families. This is why I keep saying let’s keep Utah in America amazing! It takes a everyday individual person to show the political establishment that the will of the people and taxpayers that we never fold or back down, and will take back our powers driving it home under the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights!

     Right now with me being the second candidate to file for the Senate seat on the FEC level, we are still waiting on what Mitt Romney is going to do. I do believe that he will enter the race from a personal standpoint, but in order for him to get to the primary he will have to collect signatures using SB54 the same way he did back in 2018 to force our primary vote. Myself however will be going through the Caucus convention system and letting our amazing state delegates decide all our fates. In the 2022-23 cycle I was also a republican state delegate for my precinct and it was an absolute pleasure to be amongst the delegates to help vote current and reelected Sen. Mike Lee . I am all for legislative federal term limits of two terms for Senate and six terms for House just to be clear on where I stand. I believe that the longer you stay that the saying is true in that, absolute power corrupts absolute. 

     To the citizens of the great state of Utah, I have heard your concerns and what you will want in a future Sen. Jensen, and what I can help do to make sure that we take back and uphold our Constitution which is individually every humans rights in this nation. Right now my goal is to help retake the executive branch, take back the Senate, and add to the House with Republican control so that we can repeal everything this current administration has done. We must reinstate the Keystone XL pipeline and to open up or open back up our energy independence ways that lead to prosperity. Not only that, we also need to make sure on a national level that we never again face tyranny in the form of lockdowns or censorship, or the enemies of the free state to overthrow the citizens and our Constitution because your individual liberty is the greatest all the world and we are blessed to be American citizens to have such freedoms in our constitutional republic. Also we must overhaul our education system, our nutritional guidelines, invest in our border security, and promote peace through strength with not only our allies on a global front, but be the beacon of hope and light for our enemies that seek to destroy us, through peace.

     I am looking forward to the task at hand and will be visiting all 29 counties in the state of Utah to better get to know our citizens more and their wants and needs. I say all these things again in the name of the love I have for our state and our people.

Thank You,

Ty Jensen – Republican Candidate (UT)
United States Senate 2024 

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