Jensen still opting for 2024 against Mitt Romney

Ty Jensen, as a current Republican in the great State of Utah, and a current state delegate for the Utah GOP for the 2022-23 cycle has committed to entering the United States Senate race in 2024 against current incumbent Sen Mitt Romney, however, he hasn’t yet stated whether or not he’ll run in the Utah GOP Primary in June 2024 and the caucus convention nomination process in April 2024, or may take a nuanced approach and run in the general election as an independent as stated possibility via Twitter account @realTyJensen.

That decision will come down to one of three outcomes. The first of which is will the Utah GOP who’s set to re-chair or get a new chair outside the current chair in Carson Jorgenson, plus will up the min thresholds of just 60% to convention nomination instead of 70% in round 1, 75% in round 2, and 80% after 3 rounds with the convention RCV or Rank Choice Voting with it’s almost 4,000 statewide delegates. This needs to be adopted to give more candidates a better opportunity for the primary.

Outcome number 2. Utah SB54 law in which candidates can gather signatures and automatically get onto the June primary ballot. Right now Mitt Romney with his state disapproval rating in the tank, Mitt will go out and gather signatures yet again and will get on that ballot. Utah’s republican qualifications in 28,000 verified republican signatures which he will gather with ease and that will force people like myself to gather friends and family to help the signature process to push force a primary vote. I don’t like the gathering process but stopping Mitt, that’s also an option.

The last outcome and this one comes off the pushback and national environment and state general election turnout. This was Establishment vs. America First for the GOP! Voters stayed home and did not vote due to low voting turnout records. I believe that this is due to 2022 being a non Presidential election year which hurts, but regardless of who the nominee is for the President of the United States, the people of Utah are sick and tired of coming in last and being pushed aside in the legislative branch of both House and Senate, so, therefore, we need someone who is willing to be an America First and Constitutional Conservative. If the establishment is run by big donors, big pharma, and big business, and rebukes the everyday Utahn and American citizen and pushed for establishmentarian candidates, then I’ll run straight to the general election as an Independent Candidate for Utah and with an America First approach.

I’ll make my final decision after the 2023 State Nomination Convention and see what the SCC or State Central Committee’s actions are by voting and reading the room. Until then starting January 2nd, 2023 I’ll be hosting my own YouTube, Rumble, and other social media platforms for Raw and Real Politics and focusing on my home life & family.



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